Travelling everywhere, capturing moments, making memories last


      We are wedding video makers but also movie fans, that’s why we bring the cinematographic style into our wedding videos. We are familiar with capturing love, thanks to the use of specific tools such as Panasonic system with different optics, stabilization tools, drones and professional mirrorless. You won’t even notice our presence during the event, because we’ll mingle among your guests, ready to capture your most intimate moments.

      Our spontaneous shots will take those romantic and natural moments, while you and your spouse will be the protagonist of a movie of your own love story.

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      Picture yourselves in a lukewarm autumn, surrounded by colourful leaves, or under the mild winter sun in a wonderful country such as Italy. It would be a memorable wedding day, reported with great professionality and passion.

      In our work we use drones for both shots and videos. We can capture every single moment of the wedding from different perspectives and angles, in order to show your love in a fantastic romantic movie.

      Every moment will be captured with innovation, professionalism, preparation and confidentiality. Your romance will be told with sophistication and elegance. Each shot includes a high quality post- production, to ensure that every wedding report can be an endless tale of your love.

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