About Us

      Alessio Mose Films is a creative wedding cinematography studio founded by Alessio Mose, who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in DAMS (Drama, Art and Music Studies) at the Roma Tre University.
      In our work we draw inspiration from great directors such as David Lynch and Terry Gilliam.

      Moreover, we do not only believe in what we do, but we also believe in the social and cultural value of our endeavours. We build every event, every project by coupling elegance and precision, by blending formality and lightness.

      We are really into travelling and discovering new cultures, languages and places because we are fascinated by our world and its incessant renewal. Thus, we carefully investigate the details of these continuous changes: we research new languages, study new cultures and experiment with new techniques. In conclusion, our passion for travelling helps us to develop communication skills that are always in line with the times.

      We’ve been working on both commercial and cultural projects with national and international big companies such as Heineken and Nike, government institutions like the Slovenian Embassy, on events like the Venice and Rome Film Festival, and also with small companies and cultural associations.

      We can speak multiple languages and believe in the constant and methodical research to improve ourselves and for personal development. That’s why our work is based on creativity and continual growth. We love our work because we love the wedding itself, as it gives us the opportunity to increase our cultural heritage.

      Therefore, we do not only help you to handle your wedding, but we also couple our passion for travelling with a work.

      We collaborate with the photographic studio “Event Shooting”